Emergency Program

Lyn Michaud, Coordinator

Saturna’s Emergency Program consists of a group of volunteers dedicated to providing island residents with emergency support after a disaster.

Our primary purpose is to support first responder agencies and the local population in the event of an emergency or disaster. We do not self-deploy and must wait for a request from the Fire Chief, RCMP or Coast Guard in order to respond.

The Emergency Program is divided into three main categories.

  • Under the direction of the Emergency Coordinator and when requested, an Emergency Operations Center is opened. Here communication is established between Saturna’s first responders and CRD or the Provincial Emergency Program.
  • If deemed necessary, a reception center or warming center can be opened by the Emergency Social Services group under the direction of Linda Michaud.
  • Radio communication is established throughout the island neighbourhoods to receive up-to-date information on issues.

The program is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please contact the Emergency Program Coordinator.