Permits and Restrictions

Burn Permits

Open burning (Category 2 or Category 3 fires) requires a permit issued by the Saturna Fire Chief or his designate. All open burning is currently prohibited.

Fire Danger Rating: High

Current Burn Restrictions (updated July 8, 2024).

Category 3 Fire1Open burning larger than 3m wide x 2m highProhibited
Category 2 Fire2Open burning smaller than 3m wide x 2m highProhibited
Domestic IncineratorsBurn barrels capped with 3/8” steel meshProhibited
Campfires3less than 0.5m (2’) wideProhibited
“High-risk” activities4Limited5

1 More information on Category 3 fires here.

2 Fires must be 10m from any building, structure, fence, tree or hedge or property line. If burning woody debris thicker than 4″, you must check the Venting Index Map. More information on Category 2 fires here.

3 More information on campfires here.

4 More information on high risk activities here.

5 As of Monday, July 8. Early shift: 1 pm shutdown with two-hour fire watch.

Saturna Island Burning Regulations

Outdoor burning on Saturna Island is regulated primarily by CRD Bylaw 4489. An excellent guide to the bylaw is here.

Information about the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation, which governs the ventilation index, can be found here.

CRD Bylaw 4489 can be found here.

NO FIRES ANYTIME of any kind are permitted in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (National Park)

The fire chief and his/her agents take direction from the BC Wildfire Service, the CRD bylaw, and nearby fire departments on when to permit or prohibit various burning and other outdoor activities that entail fire risk. Ultimately, the fire chief has the authority under the CRD bylaw to determine when to restrict any activities that involve risk of fire.