Saturna Island Fire Protection Society

The Saturna Island Fire Protection Society (SIFPS) is responsible for funding the training of firefighters and emergency medical responders, as well as the purchase, repair and maintenance of equipment and the upkeep and maintenance of both Emergency Services Buildings (ESB1 and ESB2). In conjunction with the Capital Regional District (CRD), SIFPS sets service policy, plans and budgets for fire protection services, and requisitions property tax funds for these purposes. SIFPS reports annually to community members on operations and spending.

With 45% of the Island under the management of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, we also work closely with the National Park in wildfire management, and on a regional level with the Provincial Emergency Preparedness Program. Saturna’s ESB1 houses Parks Canada Wildfire fighting equipment as well as emergency preparedness infrastructure such as the building’s radio communications facilities.

Please consider becoming a SIFPS member and helping with its work. Membership is free and open to all Saturna full-time and part-time residents. An application form can be found here.